Oteiza. Catálogo Razonado de Escultura

Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture

In 2007, Txomin Badiola was commissioned by the Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation to carry out the cataloging of the sculptural work of the Basque artist. After a long and rigorous work process, finally in 2016 this fundamental and reference publication is published in the analysis and interpretation of the work and that includes all its sculptural production.

2,752 works collected in almost a thousand pages, divided into two volumes, figurative and abstract work, in the preparation of which we collaborated with author Txomin Badiola and his assistant David Martínez Suárez.

We did

Assistance to the author in design and layout tasks


Two volumes in one box, 285 x 210 mm, 952 pages
Editions in Spanish, English and Basque
ISBN: 978-84-15042-87-7
L.D.: NA 941-2015
1st edition: February 2016
Edited by Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation

Made for

  • Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation
  • Txomin Badiola

Txomin Badiola, author of the cataloging and publication, during his presentation at the Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation on February 15, 2016.
26:14, audio in Spanish
Video: Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation