Luis Candaudap. Acuarelas y collages, 1989-2017

Luis Candaudap.
Acuarelas y collages, 1989—2017

The book brings together selected works from almost 30 years of work in the plastic arts. Life and its representation have mixed in them. Therefore the feeling that each new work is a continuation of the same increases with the years. This which could seem a curse means for the author certain care of the representations in course. In short, it is about covering the birth of images and their evolution by keeping a backward glance, silently picking up the imperceptible progress that is exempt from direction.

The Bilbao artist Luis Candaudap brings together in a book watercolors, collages and works on paper from the last almost 30 years. We work with him in the selection, photographed and scanned of the pieces, as well as in the organization and articulation of the book.

272 interior pages, images of more than 272 works, reproduction of several of the pieces in real scale (1: 1), presentation text by the same artist, essay by Mark Gisbourne, paperback with flaps and two designs totally different from each other. In addition, customized copies.

We did

Together with the artist-author, we developed the concept of the book, design and layout


240 x 260 mm, 272 pages
Edition in Spanish, Basque and English
ISBN: 978-84-697-7816-6
L.D.: BI-208-2018
1st edition: February 2018
Self-published by Luis Candaudap

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